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Caring for your piano


Ambient Conditions


Wood and felt are highly sensitive to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. A piano likes consistency - Sudden fluctuations in temperature must be avoided as the tuning and regulation might be influenced.



Use a slightly moistened, microfibre cloth to clean the keys. Make sure that no moisture trickles down the sides of the keys.



Regulation is the adjustment of the action and should be carried out at regular intervals, in order to ensure an optimal uniformity of touch and play. Even if ambient conditions are satisfactory, regulations should be carried out at regular intervals.


Repairs are very seldom necessary on a high quality piano. If the need arises make sure the work is solely carried out by an authorized and skilled technician. It is essential that only originally packed Steinway spare parts are used.




You should leave all service, like cleaning, tuning, voicing, regulation or eventual repairs, in the hands of a skilled piano technician.  We recommend that you consult your Steinway & Sons dealer for advice when your piano requires service of any kind.

Surface Treatment


Irrespective of whether high polish or satin finish, your piano should only be wiped with a soft, dry piece of cloth or a slightly moistened cloth. We strongly advise you to refrain from using furniture polish as it contains waxes and in some cases silicone. Any later re-treatment of the surface will then be very expensive.



Only allow professional piano movers to transport your piano. Make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage.



The proper pitch (440 Hz = concert pitch a1) is set by stretching the strings. We recommend frequent tuning during the first year, as the material must adapt to the immense tension. It takes a year for tuning to "settle." Afterwards your piano should be tuned at least twice a year. The pitch should be kept at a constant level. When the pitch is frequently lowered or raised, the instrument is much less likely to remain in tune.




The character of each individual note is formed by pricking the hammer felt in a radial fashion. Voicing demands extensive expertise and should be left to the judgment of an authorized Steinway technician.



The surface of your piano is highly sensitive to sun, so make sure it is not affected by direct sunlight.

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